Kendra Rain

First Impressions

Kendra Rain is a blazing hot blonde that´s sure to have a long career in the adult business if she wants it. At least that´s the impression I get based on a first visit to the tour where she has a picture of her tongue kissing another blonde, pictures of her ass and tits, and pictures of that totally beautiful face. She says she´s 18 years old, although her big tits make her age a little more ambiguous. I´ll take the big tits though. They look gorgeous and so does she. I love the tanned body and her clear willingness to bare everything she can on camera.

Hot Promises

Kendra Rain welcomes you to her site with a short note about how she loves cuddling, playing dirty games, and doing what other girls don´t want to do. That´s all fun tease stuff but ultimately it doesn´t matter. What matter is what she actually offers us inside. The promise is three weekly updates, free webcam shows, exclusive content, zip files to download, and both high quality photos and videos. You can currently keep track of the update schedule on the tour so you can confirm that she´s still adding new content.


I like the simple design with well-done elements that make it easy to get around and find what you´re looking for. The member´s main page has a list of the site´s section along the top of the page and the most recent updates featured below that. The update schedule is currently limited to twice a week but that´s actually pretty great for a solo girl site like this. If she can keep that up you´ll have more than enough content to warrant the investment it takes to become a member.

You can find her on Twitter and Facebook from the main page or simply browse her Twitter feed. A trip to the photo section reveals a current collection of 20 galleries with a new addition weekly. For each gallery there´s a thumbnail, a title, and the date it was added. Generally that´s enough information to let you know what goes down in the pictures. Click the thumbnail and you´re taken to the gallery to start browsing. Full size images are high resolution and generally crystal clear. The photography is top notch with good lighting and image construction. When browsing the individual pages I noticed that the full size image loads twice. It seems to have something to do with the slideshow feature and it´s a mild annoyance. The picture sets can all be downloaded in high resolution in zip files.

There are 15 videos for download and just like the pictures they´re updated weekly. Again, if she can keep that up over the long haul the site will be more impressive than most in the solo girl space. There´s a title, thumbnailed picture, and date added for each movie. Visit any movie to stream it in the sizable Flash player or download it in multiple formats. There are HD WMV clips, medium-resolution WMVs, an FLV, and an MP4 made for your iPod or iPhone. The quality is exceptionally high on all movies and downloads were generally fast.

Members of Kendra Rain get access to a slew of webcam shows free of charge. It doesn´t appear as though Kendra does any shows I don´t see any on the schedule and I don´t see an archive of past shows but there are lots of solo girls to choose from and there are a few that look remarkably similar to Kendra, so the effect is largely the same. If you´re a fan of webcam shows starring solo girls then the site is worth joining for that alone, as long as you don´t need to see Kendra doing a show. You get 1-3 full webcam shows a day.

Kendra keeps a journal that has thus far been updated a couple times a month. The posts are a bit rambling with lots of smileys, bad punctuation, and no capitalization. If the goal is to help you get to know Kendra better they generally miss the mark. It´s nice to read something from her but it´s far from excellent. The extras section consists of two wallpapers. The friends section offers bonus galleries for six hot chicks. They´re promo galleries but they look good and the ladies are all attractive so it´s a decent little bonus.

The dates on the content indicate that Kendra Rain launched her site in October 2011 (that´s when the first sets are dated, that is). She´s updated regularly since then and there are currently 20 picture galleries and 24 videos. Updates have come weekly so far with no sign of slowing down.

With the exception of one shoot with her friend Madden, Kendra Rain is an entirely solo site. That´s the point though. Her site is a chance to appreciate her beauty and the sexiness of her incredible body. The one girl-girl set is a softcore tease, not lesbian content. The babes are in their bras and panties and they fondle and rub up against each other in the bed. The touching is hot and they share a small kiss but it´s not lesbian porn. Mostly it´s two tanned and tight chicks showing off their asses and nearly naked bodies (Kendra gets topless but Madden does not).

Most sets at Kendra Rain follow a similar template. She begins the picture gallery or video in and outfit. Sometimes it´s cute and simple, sometimes it´s super sexy. As the set proceeds more and more of the outfit disappears. She exposes her beautiful tits to us and will sometimes get naked but never show her pussy. She has big breasts and deeply tanned skin to go with a great smile. It´s a well-executed solo girl tease site. Croco´s Opinion

Kendra Rain is a top notch solo girl site and if you respond to her beauty on the tour there´s no question you´ll find value and great pleasure in the member´s area. As long as she continues to update regularly and grow the site it will stay a good value. The beautiful blonde plays and teases solo in the member´s area with a variety of outfits to turn you on. She shows her big naked tits constantly and smiles because she´s having fun. Her videos are even more entertaining. She understands how to move in a sexy, seductive manner when she wants to make you hard. If you think Kendra is a hottie then her site will totally work for you. The addition of dozens of weekly webcam shows from other solo babes is a great value add.


The site is well-designed and easy to navigate. Thumbnails are big, videos can be downloaded or streamed, and you can access any content section from the menu at the top of the page.

Pricing Policy

It´s only $21.50 for every 30 days of membership. If you join for 90 days you pay $45.

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